GeorgeWho am I

My name is Dominique. I grew up in South Africa surrounded by animals. I started riding my first horse when I was 7 Years old and just loved it! At 18, however, my enthusiasm came to a halt when I moved to The Netherlands, where I completed a degree in Biology with a speciality in Animal Behaviour. In 2017, I realised that I really missed my passion of horse riding and that a life without horses is not the same. So, after a long search, I found George, a then 4 year old with beautiful brown eyes, he stole my heart and I have never looked back!

In January 2020, I decided to incorporate my passion of horses and nature with a business and started Paardtime as a part-time online webshop.  What really mattered to me was to offer products that are good for our beloved animals and equally good for our planet. I went to travel in search of partners on this mission. Amonst others, I went to Beta International where I became acquainted with businesses which specialised in sustainable, natural and animal friendly products. 

All the products that I have sourced have been personally chosen by me. They have been tried and tested by me, friends and of course George. I hope you like them, because without his hoof of approval it wouldn’t be available for sale on this site.